SportsFix ICO has ended, new stage begins!       Over 34,000 Telegram followers Over 80,000 users participation in our ICO Over 173,000 Game Day passes redeemed and streamed BWF Tournaments via our Bronze Digital Stadium MVP Read more here. Over 90,000 new users in the Digital Stadium MVP.       Our Digital Stadium sponsors Be A Game Changer       Introducing the next generation live streaming Sports OTT platform built on the block chain.     3 Top 15 Crypto Advisors on ICO Bench advise SportsFix. Advisory board helped raise over 650M USD in ICO Funding   The Problem TV decides WHAT game you watch WHEN you watch it HOW much you have to pay   Nontransparent and convoluted sports content distribution system. Middleman markups and artificial packaging and pricing. Centralized redistribution of revenues & centralized re-distribution system of revenues. Displaced fans have limited accessibility to Live content of their favourite teams. Clubs have little or no direct engagement with their fans.   Emerging Trends 83 % 83% of PayTV subscribers cancelled their subscription because of high fees, Variety (2017)     The Solution A Decentralized Network of Digital Stadiums Group Content Bidding Fanbases can unlock their favourite sports content and product features!   Personalised Fan Experience Fans can watch their favourite games with a variety of cool features to choose from.   Reduce Cost of Viewership Unbundling of content to individual games allows fans to only pay for what they watch.   1 on 1 Engagement Sports clubs can identify, interact with and reward their most active fans in the Digital Stadium.     Industry Data 4 . 7 4.7 billion people watch at least one sport. 10 % Only 10% of games are televised to sports fans. 90 % Close to 90% of fans are displaced and cannot easily access their favourite sports.   How It Works Combining the excitement of live and video on demand sports content with the power of social networking, gamification, predictions and e-commerce, we present to you     The Digital Stadium Choose what you watch, earn SFT, and pay (almost) nothing! Content Experience Club Sponsors   Content Catch your favourite game Purchase Game Day Passes Enroll as a digital season passholder (DSP) Earn a game day pass from our sponsors or club partners   Experience Watch your favourite games with friends in HD Watch games simultaneously and publish your own commentary Earn loyalty points for making game predictions and creating cool content   Club Directly engage with your favourite clubs Get identified and be rewarded by enrolling as a DSP Access exclusive content (locker room access, training, bloopers etc.) Sponsors Watch games for (almost) free by digital stadium sponsors Earn SF tokens from sponsors to redeem game day passes Get discounts off merchandise from your favourite brands     Grow your fanbase to unlock special features at each tier! BRONZE Basic OTT streaming experience Access 1 custom feature Automatically unlocked for digital season passholders   SILVER Enjoy all Bronze Stadium features Compete with other fans and climb leaderboards Accrue loyalty points and earn SFT Access 2 custom features   GOLD Enjoy all Silver Stadium features Access 3 custom features   PLATINUM Enjoy all Gold Stadium features Unlocks marketplace for users to redeem loyalty points earned Access 4 custom features   SUPERFAN Digital stadiums endorsed by official clubs Access special club content Independent of Bronze,Silver, Gold and Platinum stadiums. Find Out More     Product Development Roadmap               Q2-03 18 – Prototype Testnet OTT STadium 1.1 Live Full HD & DVR Testnet Prototype SFT Token generation   Q4 18 – Digital Stadium Launch Digital Stadium including social engagement Dashboard Wallet For SF Tokens Sponsorship Model Integration   Q1 19 – Club Growth Launch Sponsor’s dashboard Community Features Loyalty Program & Gifting Basic Micro Advertisement   Q2 19 – Exchange listing & Micro Ads System Launch Listing on medium tier exchanges User, Content Analysis Dashboard Advancement of Micro Advertisement Live User Commentary   Q3 19 – Deep Integration Launch Micro Ads Deep Integration SDK ICO Roadmap             2018-Q2-Q3 White paper & poc Private presale 1 and 2   2018-Q4 Mainnet launch Digital stadium launch Public sale   2019-Q1 List SFT on Medium Tier Exchanges Token Discitrbution Sponsorship Model Launch User SFT Wallet on Digital Stadium   2019-Q2 Micro-ad system launch List SFT on Higher Tier Exchanges     Token Flow It’s all revolving around FANS pledging SF Tokens for acquiring and unlocking content together (green lines) – no middle men any longer! SF has reserved SF Tokens for clubs and initially sponsors/ partners (red lines) to “sponsor” game day passes to fans to enjoy one game for free while FANS engage with clubs, sponsors and partners in a 2-way communication (blue lines). Something which never existed before as social media platforms have positioned themselves between clubs, brands and the Fans.   Ala Carte Digital Season Passholder Fans Who Buy Game Day Passes & DSP Subscriptions DS Creation Sponsors/ Partners Club Fans Digital Staidum Or Fans spend tokens for passes Fans get SFT back based on actual usage SF issues SFT via exchanges to fans Sponsors give fans for engagement Clubs give fans for engagement Sponsors/Partners can get SFT either from SF or through exchanges SF gives tokens to clubs from fans                           Strong Existing Operations 300   Million Reach of 300 million customers in asean. 100   Thousand More than 100k users have watched live sports in our bronze digital stadium.     Strong relationship with sports content right holders globally (italian serie a, bwf etc.).   Why Buy Sportsfix Tokens Limited Token Supply Token Generation Event will mint a limited supply of tokens, which preserves their value. Proven Team With Industry Experience Founders have 50 years of cumulative experience in the Sports Marketing & Content Industry.   Next Generation OTT Streaming Platform Digital Stadium offers a premium crowdfunded experience fueled by the SFT economy. Fancentric STF Token model designed to reward end users to join and engage with our digital stadium platform.   Dynamic SFT growth model Through strategic releases of our club growth, sponsorship and micro advertisement models, this will create a steady demand for SFT. Already Out in the Market SportsFix OTT streaming platform has a reach of 300M users across the ASEAN market streaming hundred games of each month.       Meet The Team Carl Kirchhoff Co-Founder & CEO       Carl is Co-founder of SportsFix and EverSport, two leading sports OTT streaming platforms in USA and Asia and intimately familiar with the sports and media industry in all aspects, from content acquisition, distribution, fan-engagement and supporting data analytics. Marcus Luer Co-Founder & Chairman       Marcus is a serial entrepreneur and founder of TSA, Branded Real Estate, Glory Kickboxing and SportsFix. He was voted into the top 200 SBI (Sports Business International) team comprising industry leaders over the past 18 years and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg Asia. Taha Shokouhi Technical Head       Taha is a software developer and IS analyst, developed and managed various IT solutions in diverse domains such as, E-commerce, Recruitment, Accounting, F&B; and Blockchain. BiggleApp and HospitalityByMep application are of his portfolio. He has developed ICO platform networks based on Ethereum. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems. Andy Ward VP Strategy       Andy is an entrepreneur focused on emerging technologies, intellectual property, and novel business models. He co-founded CrowdCart which and Developed executed IP strategy for disruptive e-commerce transaction platforms. He currently leads the strategic initiatives of SportsFix. Isaiah Jones VP Growth       Isaiah has extensive experience in growth marketing, digital strategy and partnerships having worked at Google, Rocket Internet and Vungle previously. He then led strategic partnerships at Applift before doing freelance consulting. He currently leads marketing and growth activities at SportsFix. Ganesh Nathan VP Operations       Ganesh is an entrepreneur with prior experience in assurance and consulting at PwC and KPMG. He founded Drinkentrepeneurs Malaysia, Asean’s leading networking platform and led strategy at PlantOS before consulting with MAGIC’s Ventures and Global Partnerships team. He currently heads business operations at SportsFix. Ravi Teja Blockchain Developer       Ravi is a software engineer with experience in the banking, marketing and advertising industry. He is skilled in Java, Angular JS, Android, Postgres, MySql, MongoDB, Unity3D, GWT, SQL. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Computer Software Engineering from Sri Sai ADitya Institute of Science and Technology. Taha Shokouhi Blockchain Developer       Taha is a software developer and IS analyst, developed and managed various IT solutions in diverse domains such as, E-commerce, Recruitment, Accounting, F&B; and Blockchain. BiggleApp and HospitalityByMep application are of his portfolio. He has developed ICO platform networks based on Ethereum. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems. Sadra Shokouhi Blockchain Developer       Sadra Is a full-stack application developer engaged in various software industries with a great passion in Blockchain and Crypto. Developed Blockchain based platforms using Ethereum and Bitcoin. His other software experiences are within MLM systems, E-commerces a. user profiling. He holds a Masters degree in Information Systems. Omar Shah Cloud Engineer       Shah was a senior engineer with Astro handling operations and system administration. He has extensive experience in AWS (EC2, REG, Route53, S3), Akainal (DSO, NetStorage & MD), Git, Puppet, Capistrano, Varnish, Debian-based Una. Shah now leads the AWS and Streaming technology Architecture in Banyu Prieta Community Manager       Prior to SportsFix Banyu was a founder at Burgreens, the first organic eatery franchise that has expanded 4 locations in Jakarta. In addition, she was a writer for Jakarta Post and Indonesia Design. She holds a Masters in Business Administrations. Key Personnel Carl Kirchhoff Co-Founder & CEO Marcus Luer Co-Founder & Chairman Andy Ward VP Strategy Taha Shokouhi Technical Head Isaiah Jones VP Growth Ganesh Nathan VP Operations Technology Ravi Teja Blockchain Developer Sadra Shokouhi Blockchain Developer Omar Shah Cloud Engineer Banyu Prieta Community Manager     Advisors 3 Top 15 Crypto Advisors on ICO Bench Advise SportsFix Successfully raised over $650M in ICO funding Richard Kastelein Blockchain Expert       Founder of Industry publication Blockchain News (acquired in 0007). partner at ILO services collective cryptoAssets Design Group, director of education company Blockchain Partners (Oracle Partner) – Richard gastelein is an award-winning publisher & entrepreneur. He has written over 1500 articles on Blockchain technology. Michael Terpin Blockchain Expert       Michael is Founder of Transform Group, the world leader in blockchain and ICO PR and advisory services (75 ICOs and counting), as well as CoinAgenda, the leading conference series connecting mainstream investors with blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.   Michael Payne Sports Marketing Expert       Michael has 35 years at the forefront of the sports marketing industry and was recognised by Ad Age as one of the world’s 50 most Influential marketeers. He has served clients such as Alibaba, NBC Sins, 10C, Fl, IAAF and Ryder Cup to name a few. Phil Lines Sports Media Rights Expert       Phil is a media rights expert with a compelling list of clients that include media groups, broadcasters, governing bodies and Premier League clubs including FIFA, UEFA, AFC, The Football Association, EFL Turkish Football Federation, Union of Turkish Superlig Clubs, La Uga, News International, British Telecom. Rodney Koh ICO Legal       Rodney is presently a Corporate Partner of Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co. Formerly, an investment banker structuring RTOs, IPOs and commercial deals, and worked overseas in Africa and other markets, he currently specialises in mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, due diligence and also renders advice on ICOs and blockchain related matters.   Past TSA Partners Distribution/Technology Partners Content Partners         FAQs What is SFT? The fuel propelling the SportsFix Digital Stadium platform and ecosystem is the SF Token (which stands for SportsFix token), an ERC20 –compatible smart utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Who is it for? SFT is a utility token designed to connect fans, clubs, and sponsors in mutual beneficial relationships centered around the enjoyment of live game content in the Digital Stadium and greater SportsFix ecosystem.   Where can I buy SFT? You can buy SFT during our public sale happening from August 15th to October 15th at website Where can I spend SFT? SportsFix tokens are spent in the Digital Stadium. SportsFix tokens are spent by our key stakeholders: fans, clubs, and sponsors. If you are a fan you can receive tokens and access to the digital stadium from clubs and sponsor to enjoy your favorite live game content. Clubs can spend tokens to reward you. Sponsors can spend tokens to reward fans for engaging in sponsored stadiums and content.         What is a Digital Stadium? The Digital Stadium is the next generation OTT platform powered by a token economy that allows sports fans to deeply connect with their clubs and sponsors they follow and be rewarded for the engagement through the SportsFix token. What are the tiers in the Digital Stadium? Digital Stadiums are set up in tiered fashion to promote community and drive growth. As a Digital Stadium community grows, more features are unlocked creating a better viewing experience for fanbases to enjoy.         When will the ICO take place ? The private sale is taking place from June 21st to July 31st while the public sale will last from August 15th to October 15th How will the ICO funds be spent? Please refer to our distributions of proceeds section in our White Paper.   What is the price for 1 SFT? The price for a single SFT is $0.10 What is SportsFix? SportsFix is mobile-centric live streaming platform for sports fans in ASEAN region. Our platform streams popular local, regional and international sports content.   Where is SportsFix located? SportsFix is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. SportsFix is owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia’s global leader in sports content. What is blockchain and what is cryptocurrency? Blockchain is digitized, decentralized, immutable public ledger that underpins cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency utilizing encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds operating outside of a central bank. s